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What is C. O. D. Heating Oil Pricing?

C. O. D. stands for Cash On Delivery! In times past and in today’s Heating Oil Market you always get the best deal by paying cash for your goods! 

This acronym has come to represent the best possible deal, we’ve all heard the term cash talks every thing else walks!

In this economy it’s imperative that you shop around and make the most educated decision for your Heating Oil and Service.



How does Clear River Fuel Oil’s C.O.D pricing save me money?

We constantly survey the daily C.O.D. market prices and program prices  (Heating oil Dealers, Co-ops, buying clubs, etc.) in central Connecticut as well as the State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management website as they do weekly heating oil surveys

Along with the U.S Government weekly survey from the Energy Information Administration


 We survey to ensure our customers are getting the fairest and most transparent pricing for their Heating Oil.

Every delivery we make whether it be Automatic, Budget or Will Call is always made at our Daily C.O.D. rate.

It’s simple…. The convenience, safety and affordability of a Automatic or budget delivery priced at our money saving daily low C.O.D. rate.



Do you really have to pay with cash?

No! In fact we prefer Master Card, Visa, Money Order and in some cases personal check. In fact our drivers carry no cash and it is actually less expensive and more efficient for us to process credit cards with our Credit Card Merchant Utilities System.


Never Any Irrational Lock In, Prebuy, Or Cap Programs That Waste Your Money!

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