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We are financial heating assistance experts

If you or someone you know loses their job or drastically has their income reduced due to the economy, have them call us or visit our web site. We have a whole department that specializes in financial heating assistance programs utilizing various funding sources. We deliver for the Connecticut CRT/ LIHEAP energy assistance program, various town social services programs, as well as local and regional Nonprofits such as Operation Fuel and Citizens Energy.These programs help those in need heat their homes for free or at a reduced cost. Spread the word!

Use the links below to investigate the various heating assistance programs.



Heating Oil Assistance Programs

The people who staff these programs are wonderful and busy!

Our advice is to apply early, be persistent but patient and thank them for their service and commitment.


All Types Of Heating Oil Assistance Go Here



Energy Efficiency Programs

You would be crazy not to use this link to find out about incentives from the state to make your home more energy efficient and put real money back in your pocket!


Rebates, Loans, Tax Exemptions and Weatherization Assistance Go Here



State of Connecticut Department of Social Services

Winter Heating Assistance Program Main Page, Connecticut's main page covering all aspects of their programs along with applications in English and Spanish.




Never Any Irrational Lock In, Prebuy, Or Cap Programs That Waste Your Money!

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