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Smart Pay Budget Frequently Asked Questions


How do we make our payments?

Your monthly budget payment will be charged to your credit card by the 5th of each month.


How do we calculate the Monthly budget payment?

We calculate your monthly payment based on the estimated winter price of oil multiplied by your estimated usage for the upcoming winter divided by twelve monthly payments.


What if the calculations are wrong?

The calculations are only an estimate. Periodically during the heating season we review all budget accounts and adjust accordingly. At the end of the season you could have a credit or a debit balance. Any credit will be applied to the new budget season. Any debit balances due on the account at the end of the year must be paid by June 20th.


When does the budget plan start and how do we enroll?

The enrollment period begins in June, although you can enroll any time with an opening payment to account for the missed months from June to the present date. 


Is this a Cap or Fixed or Prebuy program?

No, we offer this program to our customers as a service to help them make their heating bills more manageable.


The value of this program is that your deliveries

will be made at our daily COD price!


Cap, Fixed and Prebuy programs don’t allow the consumer to enjoy the savings associated with the competitive nature and seasonal COD price dips in heating oil pricing.


Cap, Fixed and Prebuy programs can take advantage of consumers through the delivery of heating oil at prices higher than COD rates for most of the year outside the two coldest winter months.


Some Cap / Fixed price programs advertise consumers will get a lower price if the market falls during the heating season, but experience shows Buyer Beware! Many dealers will not follow the falling market and lower their price thus giving up their higher profits.


Fixed price and pre-buy contracts are not a guarantee of saving money over market costs when your fuel is delivered. Fixed price and pre-buy contracts are only a guarantee of the price you will pay for the term of the contract.


With a Cap or a Fixed price program,  if the market price goes down during the heating season (like winters of 2003/2004, 2006/2007, 2008/2009),

you will lose money!





Remember…Never any irrational Lock-in, Pre-buy or Cap programs that waste your money, just smaller monthly payments and deliveries at COD prices that save you money!


Become a SMART PAY BUDGET customer now!


Never Any Irrational Lock In, Prebuy, Or Cap Programs That Waste Your Money!

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