be in control….make intelligent energy decisions

We are as mad as you are about this economy and these energy prices!

It’s imperative that today's consumer take control of their energy use by making educated & informed decisions for your family’s wallet and the environment.
It's easy to feel helpless, but you can be in control!

We have to conserve and consume smarter!

Its not enough….
To turn down the thermostat and throw on a sweater any more.... its way beyond that. That was yesturday and yesterday's oil companies' advice!

Its not enough….
To sign up with the first "oil sales man" knocking on your door offering you some wacky service contract and oil price program based on fear.


Its not enough….
To call three heating oil dealers and pick the seemingly least painful one to deal with or pick the least offending introductory come-on oil price gimmick.

Our goals are simple

To ensure that your heating system delivers the greatest amount of heat in the most efficient way with the least amount of fuel.

Ensure that you get the best value for your
energy dollar with our
C.O.D. priced heating oil programs.



Never Any Irrational Lock In, Prebuy, Or Cap Programs That Waste Your Money!

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